Hi, I’m Prachel. I started Fearless Vixen in 2013.

My mission is to inspire women to live their best lives by freeing their minds and raising their vibe. To raise your vibe means to feel good about yourself and have a healthy, positive outlook about where you are and where you want to be.

Let me tell you why!

Twelve years ago, I had it all!

A brand new BMW, a thriving consulting company with an office and employees and a home that I, alone, owned. I was living in Southern California, where I had spent most of my life up until that point, and happy with my life.

Then, an economic downturn turned my finances upside down and I LOST IT ALL within a matter of months. On top of all that, I ended a three-year relationship.

I was D-O-N-E. I had to sleep on an air mattress at my brother’s place. I barely made ends meet as a substitute teacher. And, stress eating cause my weight to balloon. 

But, what saved me is my magic. It’s the gift of intuition.

I started learning lessons from my earthly parents and not-of-this-earth parents, i.e. ancestors early on in life. I had a number of spiritual experiences that led me to believe that there has to be a greater presence on this earth. I knew I had to free my mind and start surrounding myself with positivity in all areas of my life.

And, because of that, i feel that we’ve all been given gifts to get what we want.

One of those gifts is knowing how to give a spiritual bath. Another is creating spaces for women to heal. And, yet another is making things pretty. Yes, I love decor and design!

Learning how to really tune in to my gifts, how to listen to the messages of the universe, and how to discern what was my higher self, and what was ego trash, has helped me to accomplish SO much in the years that followed. I studied the law of attraction. I learned how to manifest. I created a new mindset for myself. As a black woman, I didn’t see much information geared towards my unique experiences in the wellness marketplaces. So, I decided to create my own. That’s how Fearless Vixen was born. 

I started Fearless Vixen, a spirited women’s group with chapters in three different states

I was offered opportunities to speak, to audiences of more than 500 people!

I created Ritual Baths by Prachel, a TOP SELLING Ritual bathing kit – helping women to release what doesn’t serve them

I moved to Atlanta, bought some real estate and flipped it for a NICE profit!

I lost 60lbs to compete in my very first bikini competition – I won FIRST PLACE in my category! You couldn’t tell me nothing!

And, now, I’m living with the love of my life in Lisbon, Portugal!

Fearless Vixen is here to show you how to open your mind up to all of the possibilities that the universe for you, and to be completely fearless while going after what you want! 


Fearless Vixen’s intention is to show you how to create a new mindset to use law of attraction and other techniques to live the life that you want.

Who We Serve

Fearless Vixen is here for those who want to free their minds and manifest whatever their heart desires.

You don’t need to be put on a pedestal – you ARE the pedestal

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