Crystal Rituals for Beginners

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If you haven’t already, you may want to read the post that I wrote about crystals here – it’ll give you a brief primer to crystals.

I have used crystals in many different rituals for years. I feel that crystals supercharge rituals and help them to be more effective.

The size of the crystal that you choose to use in rituals does not matter, what matters is that you have a clear intention for the ritual, and that you have called in help from the world of the divine infinite intelligence.

In many of my posts, I explain how, when doing rituals, you should have items that represent the elements of nature – air, earth, fire, mineral and water. To represent the element of mineral, you can use crystals.

Some people use crystals for their healing properties and others use them for their beauty. There is no right or wrong way to use crystals in rituals. It depends on what you would like to achieve.
In the picture below, you will see a grid that I made for a new moon. This was for the new moon in Cancer, and the sign of cancer is all about home. So, my crystal grid ritual was to make clear, everything that I needed to know about any home matters. I also wanted to make room for divine infinite intelligence (see my post on creating sacred space), in my grid so I added crystals that magnified that intention. 

The steps of building a ritual around crystals are simple and easy to follow.

Here they are:

  1. Choose an intention for the ritual
  2. Call in a higher source (Divine Infinite Intelligence, Ancestors, Angels, etc.) to assist
  3. Be sure to have another element aside from the crystal to represent one of the nature forces
  4. Based on your intention, choose 1-3 crystals to represent the energy needed to carry out that intention
    1. Rose Quartz – Love
    2. Citrine – Creativity
    3. Aventurine – Luck
    4. Labradorite – Transformation
    5. Amethyst – Intellect
    6. Snowflake Obsidian – Protection
    7. Amazonite – Healing trauma
    8. Angelite – Communication with angels
    9. Quartz – Magnify/Amplify other crystals and your intention
    10. Selenite – Wisdom and Spirituality
    11. Green fluorite – Focus and concentration
    12. Emerald – Growth
    13. Blue Chalcedony – Stillness
    14. Alum – Getting rid of negative energy

Those are just a few of thousands of crystals that can be used to do rituals. The property next to each crystal isn’t the only property, as most crystals have many “jobs” so to speak.

How do you actually use the crystal in the ritual? It does depend on the type of ritual that you are doing. You can create a grid, using a quartz (rose quartz works well too) in the middle and then setting the other crystals around it.

Then, you can get quartz points, which are quartz crystals that have a point. Depending on whether your intention is to send OUT energy (quartz points point away from the center quarts) or your intention is to receive energy (quartz points point toward the center quartz), you point the quartz points in the direction of your intention.

Ask your help how long you should leave the grid up – sometimes it’s just for the ritual itself and sometimes you will be told to leave it up for a period of time.

How else can you use crystals in rituals?

Another simple way is to include them into your sacred space, all facing the ritual. Think of them as your cheering section, of sorts. They are here to magnify your intention for the ritual by performing a specific task – that task is for the crystals to vibrate according to their own properties.

A rose quartz will vibrate love; a citrine will vibrate creativity, an aventurine will vibrate luck and so on.

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