How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest What You Want

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I’ve been using vision boards, also known as dream boards, for years to help to manifest what I want. And, I’ve found that most times, most of what I put onto my vision board manifests into real life. 

A vision board is a physical outpouring of your dreams, on a board, in pictures and words? Got that? 

Okay, I’ll break it down. Basically, a vision board is a tool to help you visualize your dreams. When done correctly, it serves as a visual designed to help you to manifest love, money or a new career. You can manifest anything with a dream board.

Some people use vision boards to help to them to visualize all parts of their life (health, career, financial, relationships, housing, etc.) and others focus on one aspect at a time. There is no right or wrong way to utilize a vision board. 

Here are the steps in creating a vision board: 

  1. Get clear about what you would like to manifest and the purpose of your board. This can be the hardest part for most. This is why I tend to focus my boards on ONE area of my life. Trying to focus on your entire life can be quite daunting, especially if this is your very first board. Why not focus on one area and see how amazingly power the boards are and then expand? There’s no reason why you can’t do several boards a year!
  2. Get a poster board (Target or any “Dollar” stores will carry these), flatten out shoe boxes and staple them together, or just create some type of backing for your board. You’ll want something sturdy that will hold up well. It should be large enough to hold all of your pics.
  3. Grab some magazines or print pics off of Google Images or Instagram. Be sure that the pics are representative of your dream. This means that they must be accurate and vivid.
  4. Print out a picture of YOURSELF – you must be on YOUR dreamboard. Don’t just fill it with people who are NOT you and think that you will receive optimal results!
  5. Paste/tape/pin the pics onto your board. You can create affirmations or write descriptive phrases detailing what the pictures don’t show!  

Be as descriptive and as detailed as possible. Don’t just write, “<I want a new house> as that is not descriptive enough! Instead, write something like <By July of 2022, I will be moving into a 2 story home in Santa Monica, CA with a guest house on the premises. 

It will a modern home on at least ¼ acre of land and it will look like….> Try to be a descriptive as you can. The more details, the better. Think of it like this, if you go to the drive through of a fast food restaurant, pull up to the window and say, “Give me a burger”, they’re gonna ask what kind of burger do you want…beef…chicken…lettuce…tomato, cheese, bacon, etc??” So, treat this vision board as if you are putting your “order” in and hone in on the details because that’s what makes the board. 

  1. Create an affirmation for your board. This can mean a prayer or an affirming statement. I like to use the statement “Ashe’” or, “And So it Is” or “Amen”. You have to believe that whatever you put onto your board is for you

After you have created your board, place it in a place that you will see every day. You’ll need to look at your board on a daily basis, even if it is just a minute or two, but remember this is YOUR dream and you must treat it as such.

I typically don’t let anyone see my board, unless I know them to be a positive person with good energy. I once let someone who didn’t have good energy see my board and after asking a ton of questions about what was on there, proceeded let lecture me as to why I couldn’t have half of the things on there that I knew were already mine. This is a mistake – if you have a lot of company, put your board into your room. Protect your dreams.

After you have realized your dreams on your vision board, create another one. This is a fun practice that you can do over and over again. Enjoy!

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