How To Create Your Alter Ego

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What is an alter ego? An alter ego is a different side of you. And, when you allow her to show herself, she takes over you. And, she can do some very amazing things!

I use an alter ego. Actually, I have two. One, I call Karma comes out when I am taking pole dance classes. She is beautiful, mysterious and dark. The other, Califyra is a warrior goddess. I bring her out when I feel like I need to accomplish a great feat. Both, are my alter egos. 

Even though right now, I’d like to share with you how you can create your own alter ego, I need to tell you something. 

There is a difference between “ego” and “alter ego”. Your ego is your “not you”. It’s the part of you that wants to stay the same. It’s the part of you that doesn’t want to grow, or expand. It thinks that it’s protecting you. It’s the loud voice that shouts “NOOOOOO!” when you decide to move forward in life. It isn’t bad and is there for a reason. You get to decide why its there. 

Your alter ego is the “you you”. It is just a different side of yourself. 

You have many selves – but there is only one YOU. Does that make sense? Your selves are the parts and pieces of you that come out at different times. 

For instance, are you the same person at work as you are at home? Probably not. Most of us aren’t. At work, we’re professionals. At home, we are just…well…at home. Around our friends, we may be different that how we act at work, as a professional. You turn these selves on and off at your will. 

I used to tease my mom about having a “at work” voice and a “at home voice”. Anyway, I digress. 

So, let’s talk about your alter ego. 

Your ALTER ego is activated, not created (but if I were to entitle this post “How to Activate Your Alter Ego, it may not have translated well). 

In order to ACTIVATE your alter ego, you must listen. There is something that is trying to emerge from you…right now…that needs to be released. She is a different part of you.  

Perhaps she calls to be released when you are engaging in an activity…art, dance…sex. Or, maybe she takes over when you’re cooking or working out? Does she ask to emerge when you’re giving a presentation or even when you’re around certain people? 

The thing is, you don’t have to “create” an alter ego. You simply activitate that side of you and focus on who she is. Then, you heed to her – walk her walk, talk her talk, dress like her…eat like her…do what she calls you to do. 

Remember, she IS you. She is a side of you that has been asking to be released because she has a special purpose.

Many find that when they allow their alter ego to be unleashed, amazing things begin happening in their lives. 

First, they feel liberated. Then, they begin to feel like they can do anything. Finally, they feel as though they have connected to something that is greater than themselves…a higher self. 

So, unleash her. And, let us know what happens in the comments, below! 

You don’t need to be put on a pedestal – you ARE the pedestal

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