I’m Leaving Atlanta Georgia for Lisbon Portugal. Here’s Why.

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Around labor day in 2014, I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia for a new, high vibe life. I had visited Atlanta several times over the years, and I was impressed by the culture and the charm of the South. 

In addition, I had just started Fearless Vixen, for high vibe women, and I chose to grow it in Atlanta. 

Before I arrived, I happened upon a condo on an auction site that was only $14,000. And, on top of that, it didn’t look bad. At least, the condo itself (the area was a different story). I immediately snapped it up (sold off a few possessions to do so), and made arrangements to move as soon as possible. 

When I arrived, I learned that the condo needed work – nothing major, but work that, eventually, was completed over time. I flipped the condo and ended up purchasing (and selling) more homes. 

Now, remember, I had experienced a foreclosure, a bankruptcy and a short sale just 4 years prior to the condo purchase, but because I made the decision to raise my vibe and level up after those life events, I eventually bounced back and explored opportunities in real estate. 

After living in Atlanta for 5 years, I started to feel the pull to somewhere else. I had considered Thailand, had booked a ticket to go, and was rudely awakened by the Covid pandemic that is currently sweeping our world. I had to cancel my tickets, but the pull never left. 

At the same time, I found myself growing weary of Atlanta. I love arts, culture and all things interesting and unique. And, Atlanta just stopped “doing it for me” anymore. I find the art scene lacking breadth and depth and unless I want to spend my time eating out and drinking, there’s really not much else to do. 

On top of that, I abhor gun culture, something that my neighbors feel strongly about. Every New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July, you can hear fireworks AND guns – EVERYWHERE. That’s not unique to Atlanta, or the South, but I started to feel like I was the only one that didn’t carry a weapon. From friends to family, everyone seemed to mention what was in their glove box. 

Although I’m not opposed to anyone carrying protection, I just don’t want to live in a place where people *feel* like they need to carry a gun to protect themselves. And, that’s all that I will say about that. 

Right before a volunteer trip to Guinea, West Africa, a few years ago, I spoke to one of the previous volunteers. We got into a really great conversation about life and purpose. She had a quote that she wanted to share with me that she heard the previous year on Oprah. The quote was:

What you are meant to do in life, will come to you in whispers;

If you don’t hear the whispers, it’ll come to you in messages; and

If you don’t hear the messages, it’ll come to you in problems

It was around that time that I learned to listen. Sometimes, listening comes by seeing. Other times, it comes by feeling. More often than not, it comes by knowing. When you get that feeling in your gut that you are supposed to do something or become something (in my world, we call that inspired action) it is knowing. 

Learning to listen has been one of the most helpful spiritual gifts that I have developed over time and I am grateful to have learned this in my 20’s.

So, anyway, that feeling that something was pulling me somewhere else began to turn into a prevailing thought (note how things manifest – the act of manifesting starts with a prevailing thought). I started to look at places around the world, but there was one country in particular that just kept popping up. 


As I began to fall down a rabbit hole of blog posts, YouTube videos and Facebook groups, I liked what I read and heard. Portugal is considered the world’s third safest country, according to the Global Peace Index, does not have “gun culture, features a superb quality of life for someone like myself, and is easily accessible to Africa, Asia and the rest of Europe. The cost of living in the capital city of Lisbon is comparable to Atlanta and it sits right on the Atlantic Ocean – I get a beach! 

The more I became absorbed with the idea of living in Portugal, the more I felt myself pulling away from Atlanta.

I started to manifest a move to Portugal. 

I applied and was accepted for a Residency Visa, a necessary process to become a resident in Portugal, and met “friends” in the Facebook groups. 

And, as I write this, I am exactly 5 days from leaving for Lisbon, Portugal. And, I am reinventing myself in the process of moving there.

I have come to know that there are powerful ways to reinvent yourself, even beyond what I believed my reinvention should entail. In order to reinvent myself, I will be using my magic. I remind myself that I am  a powerful creator and am capable of manifesting anything that I want, with the power of my mind.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have manifested this move to Portugal. Atlanta has been nice, and has served me well. I have had a great time here, and look forward to this next part of my journey. 

***Update: I was just informed by my mother that my great x12 grandfather was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Neither one of us knew this. How’s that for synchronicity? I knew that I was moving in the direction of my higher and greater purpose, indeed, but this solidified my intention of living my best, high vibe life. Your desires really will meet you at the level you’re vibrating on. This just goes to show all of us that when we are in alignment with our highest and best good, our ancestors will create a path for us – back home, and back to ourselves. 

You don’t need to be put on a pedestal – you ARE the pedestal

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